We are The Unfamous

Hello reader, you have stumbled upon a new project. This is an evolving idea, collaboration, and hodge podge of people, art, and cities.

We have made “The Unfamous” a place for people to be represented, for artists to create, and for people to express themselves. In our lives, we meet and come across incredible people doing awe-inspiring things. They live their lives with no abandon and take chances unlike any other. We, here on this blog, want to represent them, discover them, and give them an opportunity to share their extraordinary lives. The media has used their powers to take celebrities and put them in a limelight where their lives and the amazing things they do are featured for the public and everyone to see. But what about the other inspiring, creative, brilliant people that make up this universe? The ones that no one knows about who are doing equally or more amazing things with their lives and getting no recognition? We want to celebrate these artists. This blog is an evolving project, but right now we want to collaborate with fellow artists, other people, and see what happens! Feel free to contact us and if you want to be a part of this project or have more questions, let us know!

We are representing a brand of people. As you read further, as you begin following our journey, you will start to see this type of person emerge: The Unfamous.



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