The Gypsy Life


There are a few moments in your life when you know you are exactly where you are supposed to be. And in that moment, you know you are doing exactly what you want to be doing. Growing up, I had never thought I would have had a desire to travel and move around. I remember having a mentality that I was going to stay in NY forever and never leave. When my parents talked about moving from NY to head further south, I remember sitting there and listening to them feeling physically ill. It completely and utterly terrified me because the idea of traveling and moving seemed like the scariest thing to ever face! When I was 11, my family took a extensive trip to Isreal and on the way back we stopped in Zurich, Switzerland. The city completely swept me away and I was mesmerized by the culture, art and whole experience. I never knew the world could be so beautiful and so wonderful. I remember sitting at an outdoor cafe with my family having hot chocolate and different delectable treats. I closed my eyes and smiled happily and announced to my family, “I was born to do this!” It was the first time I had admitted that traveling and being in new places would be my destiny, my future. I had never thought that it would be that, but in that moment, I knew my life had to take on such a path.

A year later, my family moved from NY and we headed down south. From there, I have lived all over the US and have only been out of the country once more, but currently in my life, I have moved more times than I ever thought I would. I no longer have a fear of moving and being in a new place. In fact, I have to be some where new all the time! Any time an opportunity comes to be in a new city, experience a new culture and be with new people, I am the happiest. It is was on this passion that has fueled this project (the unfamous), and really makes up a lot of who I am. Honestly, I really have to owe my outlook on life to my up bringing and my parents. They allowed me to be adventurous and they gave me the mentality to love people and not be afraid to be in new place. Growing up, we always had someone living at our house, visiting for an extensive time, or just sharing a meal with us. My parents were known for hosting easily 50 people at their house on a weekend and feeding everyone and sharing everything they had. It was always strange when other people were not in the house. Just recently, I went home to Tennessee to help my parents move into their new house. As my dad and I were sitting around drinking coffee in the new house, all we could talk about was how perfect the space was to host a large group of people. Just think of the huge dinner party we could have, we both said aloud. The house is two-story, but the bottom floor is a completely open floor plan. I call it the “great room”, because the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all one huge room. We got excited thinking about the possibilities. I love that this is the way my family thinks and it has definitely carried over into my life. Being a designer, I am always ready for the new possibilities that will open up. I am always ready to move, experience something new, meet someone new. The gypsy life. I have been called a gypsy on one occasion or another and I have been known to live out of my car once or twice. It is the sacrafice for the art and for the lifestyle. It is nice having a home, but its up to you to choose what a home is to you! To me, its family, a welcoming city, a tight group of friends sharing a meal… the moments that create memories and make you feel safe. Other than that, I say enjoy the adventure and see where life takes you!




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