Guest Feature: Mid-Day Meditation

This week we feature a meditative exercise created by Kristin Skelton. Hailing from Canada, Kristen and I met while she was interning in DC. She now teaches elementary school English in South Korea.

Kristin shares, “This is a relaxing, guided meditation, perfect for all levels. I love meditation and for me personally its a very important practice. Meditation can be at any place. You simply quiet your mind and look within. When meditating, empty your mind of all thoughts. At first this may be difficult. As a thought enters your mind, acknowledge it, but let it drift away and look within once more. Look within your heart, mind, and soul. After meditating you will feel lighter and brighter! Being near the ocean is where my heart sings. The ocean waves are soothing and calming, and that’s why I chose to center this meditation around one of earth’s most beautiful gifts.”


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