Family Portrait Project

Family Portrait ProjectFamily Portrait Project

I am currently working on a small side art project, and I am calling it “family portrait project.” This project’s purpose is to help me practice and work on my renderings for costume design. I am using my family members as characters and creating costumes for each other them based on fused together time periods; eg: my sister is going to be a mix of 1920s and futuristic (what I think futuristic is), and my older sister is a mixture of 1960s and early 1900s elements. It sounds strange and crazy, but it is a great way to use my imagination and to create characters based on my family, an easy task since I am close with each member. Right now the project is just in the sketching phase, so here is a picture of my preliminary sketches. Soon, I will back it up with research and then begin creating full-sized colored renderings.

As an artist and designer, I think it is important to constantly be working on something in order to keep your mind active, your skill up to par, and your heart happy. When it is a personal project for fun, it tends to be therapeutic. The pressure isn’t there like it is when working on a professionally paid gig.

The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild!



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