The Best Grilled Cheese EVER

The best grilled cheese ever

My friend Boris has this project called NOM NOM Boris where, to the delight of food lovers around the world, he reviews dishes with effusive commentary. So I thought in honor of Boris I’d write one of my own.

Normally I don’t fall head over heels with food. But this is an exception.

Grilled cheese. Beloved by five-year-olds, quintessentially American, and impossibly bad for you in almost every way, grilled cheese is an INSTITUTION for summer eating. Not that we’re in summer yet, but it is Memorial Day Weekend, and that’s close enough.

Listen. I walked into GCDC not hungry at all after an entire family-sized bag of pretzels at Jazz in the Garden, and I ended up eating this, because HOW COULD YOU NOT! Bacon, lobster, and cheese. Ohmylordy. Some proof on how good this grilled cheese was. 1. Bacon. This could function as an “enough said” but I’ll add that you can add bacon to ANYTHING on the GCDC menu. That’s how you know you’re in the hands of good people. 2. Bacon Part Two. I am very particular about bacon. It can’t be chewy and fatty. It has to be all ham and salty and flavorful. AND THIS WAS IT! 3. Cheeses. Three cheeses. Plus the waiter bantered back and forth with us in cheese puns the entire time we were there. He also laughed at my pretty terrible pun on having a “meltdown” over which one of the mouthwatering sandwiches to choose from the menu. Extra points. 4. Lobster. Not normally something I’d put on a sandwich. Nor pair with cheese. Major miscalculation on my part. Whoever thought this up: Brilliant.

A final note: Not only was the sandwich perfectly melted and seared (in futuristic blue backlit ovens nonetheless), but it was so deliciously scrumptiously filling that I couldn’t even eat the whole thing, leaving a delightful second half for the next day. BOOM. Thank you, GCDC, for this scintillating ménage à trois.


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