An Open Rehearsal for Some of D.C.’s Secret Best

A couple of weeks ago, Brian took me to an open rehearsal for Humble Fire in the Jamjar basement in Mt. Pleasant. Jamjar, if you don’t know, is one of the many DIY/DIT venues in D.C., and Humble Fire uses its basement for weekly practices. Humble Fire doesn’t usually host open rehearsals, but its drummer Adam Stern, who also drums for Baby Bry Bry and the Apologists, was moving to California, and the band decided to hold an open rehearsal in his honor.

By now I know enough about the D.C. DIY scene talent that “open rehearsal” is closer “intimate basement concert” than “disjointed practice.” Not that I had ever been to an open rehearsal before, but I wouldn’t have expected anything less. If you have yet been to one of D.C. DIY house shows, go, seriously. The people are down-to-earth. The music is great. There’s nothing formulated or overdone. And you get to be right up front by the musicians. That is the best part.

Humble Fire played through their entire repertoire. There will be some recordings from the session released later, but in the meantime, you can listen to a few of mine.

Then you should go to Humble Fire’s official site and purchase them, because I share mine to spread the word about this terrific band, but I know, as do all of you, that album production, shows, publicity, equipment, instruments — none of this is free. And these are great artists. They deserve compensation for their talent.

I don’t know when the next open rehearsal will be, or if there’ll be one, but you can see Humble Fire in concert at Paperhaus on August 26. It won’t be as intimate as a performance in a Mt. Pleasant basement, but I can nonetheless guarantee it’ll be show you won’t want to miss.


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