Shake it like a Holy Man

Both of us having attended RSCJ Sacred Heart schools, a colleague and I were excited when we read that a Potbelly close to Catholic University was offering a papal shake with part of the proceeds going to support the university’s campus ministry programs.

Thinking that all DC Potbellys offered the papal shake, we went to our nearest Potbelly and tried to order. When we first asked, the associate helping us interjected, “A what? Who?” We explained again that the Pope was coming to DC and that we had heard Potbelly was offering a special milkshake in his honor. “Hm,” she responded, shaking her head. “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout no Pope shake.”

She ultimately asked the manager, who phoned the Potbelly near Catholic and found out what the shake contained so he could make it for us. It was a strawberry oreo milkshake, which made us wonder, which of the following three impetuses inspired such an offering?

Did the Pope frequent Potbelly? Was this his favorite shake?

Did someone at Potbelly do a lot of hard thinking and conclude that strawberry oreo WOULD be the Pope’s favorite shake?

Or did some savvy salesman see that Potbelly had an inventory overload of strawberry ice cream and think, “I know how we’ll get rid of this! We’ll brand it as the papal shake!”

To the manager’s credit, the milkshake was delicious. He garnished it with extra strawberries in case we “want[ed] to instagram it.”

… Which of course we did.

Papal Shake
#papalshake #idontknownothinaboutnopopeshake (but it sure is good)

This post was originally sent in story form to The DCist‘s Overheard in DC, where it was featured in part on September 18, 2015. You can submit your own “overheard in DC” by emailing


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