“Any city, of course, is a theater, isn’t it?”
–Doris Lessing


Elizabeth: The Muse

What she does for a living does not define her. Rather, how she lives her life is what defines this girl. Fearless and passionate about people and culture, Elizabeth is a world traveler and patron to the arts. She also has an incredible gift for connecting with people, networking, and discovering new places. Current new talent: playing the ukulele and singing with her jazzy, soulful voice. Who knows what new talent this girl will pick up tomorrow! Originally from the West Coast, her wanderlust vibe will make you want to be friends with her instantly.

Sylvia: The Designer 

sylvianycFreelance designer and artist, this girl has an eye for fashion, style, and creating art. She is originally from New York but has lived all over the country. Her passion for traveling, meeting new people, and creating art is just a small part of who she is. Enjoying the small moments is her favorite past time. People are her favorite subject. She also loves to cook and eat the food she makes. Her creative and active mind always has Sylvia working passionately on something new to create, sew, or draw. She is twin to the editor.

Elisa: The Editor 

IMG_3065Ask her a question about female literary authors, and she will have an exquisite and educated answer. You can find Elisa in a library or used book store where she is perusing for new books to add to her own collection. With a gift for writing, it is easy for Elisa to capture the beauty of the world in words. She is also from New York but, newly married, she now lives in Mississippi.  You meet Elisa and immediately you’re drawn to the beautiful, romantic and whimsical vibe that she possesses. She will probably someday end up living in Paris! She is twin to the designer.


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